"See The World More Clearly With Free Reading Glasses"

Dana Corman Foundation

 Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate new and cutting edge programs in law, social work, and the arts which will provide services to families, individuals, and groups impacted by loss, substance abuse, poverty, or other hardships.

 What’s New

As of August 2013 we started Free Reading Glasses.Org, a pilot program  to provide 1000 pairs of free reading glasses to clinics at shelters, transitional living programs and other similar settings for those in the Chicago area who are homeless, battered or otherwise disadvantaged.

How The Program Works

Want Your Organization Involved?

The program is current providing glasses in 1.25 and 2.25 strength in unisex frames to existing non-profit organizations in Chicago. The plan is to have freereaders.org provide the glasses to your organization and then to have your organization distribute them to your clients or consumer.

If you are interested in exploring this area of need please contact us to begin our journey together.

 As Our Program Evolves

Following further assessment of it’s effectiveness it is our intention to ultimately expand this program to more Centers and within 2 years to provide seed money for eye exams and prescription glasses at these programs.

Free Reading Glasses

Advantages  Of Our Program

FreeReadingGlasses.org is the first program that the Dana Corman Foundation is launching on its own.

Our theory is that if someone needs reading glasses and has access to them, the quality of their lives will be improved. Being able to see items at reading distance means one can read, but so many other areas can be improved or eased throughout the day

• Reading a label in a store

• Sewing, knitting or crocheting

• Working with hand tools

• Seeing a computer screen

• Setting the oven at the correct temperature